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Sunday, 17 April 2011

A new land! YAY!

Theres once again, a new land on the Animal Jam map! It`s called Appondale! It kind of looks like Africa to me, but to you...
The first day Appondale came out was on a Friday- in April! I totally thought it would be coming out in May. But, the one thing that was the COOLEST thing so far about Appondale was that...All Jammers got a little note saying, ``A special guest will be arriving in Appondale now!``....then...a special guest did come...it was a guide, but it was...Liza! The panda shamen! It was pretty cool! I coudn`t of taken a picture of her because
a) I couldn`t press her name tag.
b) There was a mob of other people around her saying that they want gloves and to send them stuff.
So, check out Appondale the next time you visit Animal Jam!

See ya Jammers- and happy jamming!


  1. NUUU! I must've missed Liza! I am soooo mad at myself! RAWRZ! LOL.

  2. Didn't you forget the Z on LOL?

  3. I've always wanted to see a shamen!! l must've missed Liza. :(