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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I don't know...

OK, guys. i have no clue on how to go onto "Microsoft Paint" on my computer. So, until I figure out how to put pictures on this site, there won't be. I'm sorry that I'm not very smart with computers. At least I knew how to START the website! XD

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Oops, sorry.

OK, I know my website looks a little weird with different colors and faunt being here and there. But I am not very smart and I don`t know how to change it. And i`m still trying to get some AJ pictures on here to.
Sorry! : (

A new land! YAY!

Theres once again, a new land on the Animal Jam map! It`s called Appondale! It kind of looks like Africa to me, but to you...
The first day Appondale came out was on a Friday- in April! I totally thought it would be coming out in May. But, the one thing that was the COOLEST thing so far about Appondale was that...All Jammers got a little note saying, ``A special guest will be arriving in Appondale now!``....then...a special guest did come...it was a guide, but it was...Liza! The panda shamen! It was pretty cool! I coudn`t of taken a picture of her because
a) I couldn`t press her name tag.
b) There was a mob of other people around her saying that they want gloves and to send them stuff.
So, check out Appondale the next time you visit Animal Jam!

See ya Jammers- and happy jamming!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Coral Canyon Mystery

Right when we enter Coral Canyons, we make our animals walk up a bit. Then, we see a short little stair case...leading to nothing! All there is when you get to the top is a little mark in the canyon walls, I believe it is a lion. WOW! I think its the shaman! Maybe, in the future, it will be a room for asking shamans question's or something. I don't know. Or maybe, it will be a little "Hall of Fame" for shamans. So check the "SECRET" door out and tell me what you think it is there for.

Claw-Machine Glove

Everyone knows what gloves are and everyone knows where the claw machine is. People say if you win a prize in the claw machine ten times in a row, you win a tan, creme, gold or yellow glove. Im not sure if that is truth but do you know? I have a tan glove at the moment but i'd like to see if you do get the tan glove if you win ten times in a row. I don't know how but why would the Animal Jam workers pick a tan glove? Why not another rare item like a top hat or elf braclets? Im not sure but mabye YOU do. Comment me back saying if you DO get a tan glove in the claw machine after  ten wins. Tell me if you DONT get a tan glove after ten wins. Mabye you might just take a guess. I think you might get a tan glove but im still not very sure.
So yah, comment me back your thought!

Sunday, 13 March 2011


In the Sarepia Theater, as we all know, there is a gecko movie. If you have seen it, isn`t it CUTE! If you haven`t seen it, you NEED to check it out! Its just a little song with the only word: GECKO, in it! Then, it says facts REALLY quickly about geckos. Then, once again, it sings its little song about geckos! Its just SO cute! Plus they use high-chipmunk voices! I kinda have a feeling that geckos are going to come out...


Whee! Theres now slides in Jamaa! There is an icy-cold slide in Mt.Shiveer and a bamboo slide in Sarepia Forest! Its fun going down these crazy-fun slides! But, there is an achievement for them too...Ride the slides 50 times to get the "Whee!" achievement. I have to get the "Whee" achievement. But for now, i`ll have tgo stick to just having 37 achievements!