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Sunday, 13 March 2011


In the Sarepia Theater, as we all know, there is a gecko movie. If you have seen it, isn`t it CUTE! If you haven`t seen it, you NEED to check it out! Its just a little song with the only word: GECKO, in it! Then, it says facts REALLY quickly about geckos. Then, once again, it sings its little song about geckos! Its just SO cute! Plus they use high-chipmunk voices! I kinda have a feeling that geckos are going to come out...


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  2. THANKS! Tell ALL your Animal Jam friends and real friends about my website! I need PUPLICITY!
    Please excuse me if I spelled puplicity wrong.
    P.S. I like your website too! I go on it like three times a week! -Vanillasoda123-Ironwulf

  3. @Vanillasoda123
    I will! Tell your friends about mine!

  4. Ok! Ill tell all your friends about your website...if you tell them about mine. Do you know who Wolfrock12 is?

  5. Yep! I know Wolfrock12. They featured me on their Animal Jam website and comment on mine. I'm also buddies with them.