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Monday, 14 March 2011

Coral Canyon Mystery

Right when we enter Coral Canyons, we make our animals walk up a bit. Then, we see a short little stair case...leading to nothing! All there is when you get to the top is a little mark in the canyon walls, I believe it is a lion. WOW! I think its the shaman! Maybe, in the future, it will be a room for asking shamans question's or something. I don't know. Or maybe, it will be a little "Hall of Fame" for shamans. So check the "SECRET" door out and tell me what you think it is there for.


  1. I emailed the HQ if we could have an African Safari land, I think its happening!!!I'm sure other jammers did too.

  2. I think it looks like a wolf with a mane...weird!

  3. Hey Silverstorm! Do you play Animaal Jam? 'Cause if you do mabye we can meet up somwhere and you know hang out?! By describing the lion in Coral Canyon walls, I think you do play AJ. Do you go on my website daily. Awesome if you do!

    -The one and only Vanillasda123

  4. Oh yeah! It could be a wolf...with a mane! I was saying lion! Lions dont even exist on AJ right now. Wow.

    1. Lion Now are on Aj.com It is pretty cool

  5. Sure, we can meet up on animal jam! I'm Wolfrock12!
    I think we're getting a new animal because I got a poll that was like:
    Which animal would you like to play as next?
    A) Lion
    B) Elephant
    C) Shark
    D) Crocodile
    Yeah, maybe it is a lion...Or Greely. Greely kind of has that arch-mane thing:)

  6. Yeah, im sure we'll be getting a new animal. I don't know why but we keep on chatting or communitcating on here. So cool!

  7. Im new on dis site! And I can give you answers! The "sevret" place will become a room in the future!

  8. Oh-I guess so. Maybe it'll be like a shop. And I bet you know that other locked up hut in Seripia. I wonder what thats gonna be for.

  9. The locked up hut is a flag shop. But I bet you knew that. Look me up and buddy me! My user is fighters. :) cyaround!