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Monday, 14 March 2011

Coral Canyon Mystery

Right when we enter Coral Canyons, we make our animals walk up a bit. Then, we see a short little stair case...leading to nothing! All there is when you get to the top is a little mark in the canyon walls, I believe it is a lion. WOW! I think its the shaman! Maybe, in the future, it will be a room for asking shamans question's or something. I don't know. Or maybe, it will be a little "Hall of Fame" for shamans. So check the "SECRET" door out and tell me what you think it is there for.


  1. I emailed the HQ if we could have an African Safari land, I think its happening!!!I'm sure other jammers did too.

  2. I think it looks like a wolf with a mane...weird!

  3. Hey Silverstorm! Do you play Animaal Jam? 'Cause if you do mabye we can meet up somwhere and you know hang out?! By describing the lion in Coral Canyon walls, I think you do play AJ. Do you go on my website daily. Awesome if you do!

    -The one and only Vanillasda123

  4. Oh yeah! It could be a wolf...with a mane! I was saying lion! Lions dont even exist on AJ right now. Wow.

  5. Sure, we can meet up on animal jam! I'm Wolfrock12!
    I think we're getting a new animal because I got a poll that was like:
    Which animal would you like to play as next?
    A) Lion
    B) Elephant
    C) Shark
    D) Crocodile
    Yeah, maybe it is a lion...Or Greely. Greely kind of has that arch-mane thing:)

  6. Yeah, im sure we'll be getting a new animal. I don't know why but we keep on chatting or communitcating on here. So cool!

  7. Im new on dis site! And I can give you answers! The "sevret" place will become a room in the future!

  8. Oh-I guess so. Maybe it'll be like a shop. And I bet you know that other locked up hut in Seripia. I wonder what thats gonna be for.

  9. The locked up hut is a flag shop. But I bet you knew that. Look me up and buddy me! My user is fighters. :) cyaround!