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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Tradeing Tips

So, has anyone here been hearing people say "you scammed me" or "please dont scam me"?
Well, if you have and you know what it means, this post will be all about it. If you don't know what it means then here you go! Say if you were tradeing with another jammer and the other jammer says "I won't scam you" and you send the item to that jammer and you get nothing back. Thats called a scam. I have been scammed before and trust me, it does not feel good! So, just because other people scam you it dosn't mean that you can scam people to. Scamming people can resault you to suspension. So be careful tradeing jammers!


  1. Erm hi Vanilla.... I'm kinda... Well.... Really upset. I was really wanting those cuffs you said Ii would get... I was going to make you the Jammer pic of he month... But I don't think that's going to happen now... Sorry if this seems rude

  2. Im sorry, but I do have good news...
    I got more cuffs!...For you! I felt so bad for you. Im so so sorry! Mabye we can meet up on Animal Jam and I will give them to you. Mabye for free, mabye not. Oh, dangit! You can have them for free! -Vanillasoda123

  3. Do you thik I have a better chance of being the next Jammer of the Month now that I gave you the top hat, the spartan rmour and the cuffs. Thanks if I do!

    From:The one and only Vanillasoda123

  4. @Vanillasoda123
    Hmm.... well we did trade...... It may give you an advantage..... I have another person in mind as well......

  5. Thanks! But its fine if you want to choose another jammer. It would just be cool for everyone to see ME on a WEBSITE! OH, and did you know im in the Animal Jam newspaper???!!!! Im the red-ish seal in Dr. Brady Barr's lab. Oh, I also have a viking hat on. I JUST discoverd that yesterday.

  6. Hi Vanillasoda123! I was wondering if we could meet on AJ sometime to trade or just hang out. My username is Kat42820.