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Monday, 14 March 2011

Claw-Machine Glove

Everyone knows what gloves are and everyone knows where the claw machine is. People say if you win a prize in the claw machine ten times in a row, you win a tan, creme, gold or yellow glove. Im not sure if that is truth but do you know? I have a tan glove at the moment but i'd like to see if you do get the tan glove if you win ten times in a row. I don't know how but why would the Animal Jam workers pick a tan glove? Why not another rare item like a top hat or elf braclets? Im not sure but mabye YOU do. Comment me back saying if you DO get a tan glove in the claw machine after  ten wins. Tell me if you DONT get a tan glove after ten wins. Mabye you might just take a guess. I think you might get a tan glove but im still not very sure.
So yah, comment me back your thought!


  1. I waited an hour and a half after the party had ended and I played the Claw.
    I got a green non-member glove and some kind of basketball.

  2. Yep its true go on youtube and u don get just gloves u can get FOX HATS 2!!!

  3. :O But how, all I win is, fancy hats, wreath necklaces, and bat glasses!!!!!!